Access your Money, Earn Rewards

With a variety of checking accounts to choose from, you’ll enjoy the convenience of a Summit Visa® Debit card with cash back rewards, Online Services,  Mobile Banking and 24-hour ATM access. Plus, when you sign up for direct deposit or have a debit card and perform 10 or more Point of Sale (POS) transactions during the month, we will waive your Account Maintenance Fee. Your Summit debit card is linked directly to your checking account, so you have access to your money anytime, anywhere – all with the added security of EMV chip technology.

We offer 3 different checking accounts for you to select from. Use the chart below to determine which account best fits your lifestyle. Ready to switch to The Summit? Download our Summit Simple SwitchKit and checking account application to get started.

    Premium Checking Enhanced Checking Basic
Open Account
Open Account
Open Account
Open Account
Best if you want: A premium account with access to an Visa Debit or ATM card that also earns dividends on your funds when you maintain a moderate account balance (minimum balance of $1,000 required1). An Enhanced account with an Visa Debit or ATM card.  A basic account with checks.A basic account with checks2.
Account Maintenance Fee waived with direct deposit3
Free Mobile & Online Banking Services  
   VISA® Debit Card:Visa Debit Card with Cash Back  
24-hour ATM access4  Yes2   
Eligible for ATM Rebates5  
Earns dividends6    

1 If the average daily balance of a Premium Checking Account falls below $1,000 in any month, a fee will be applied to the account for that month. Must maintain a $1,000 average daily balance to earn dividends. See Rate and Fee Schedule. 2 Check printing is available for Pinnacle members only. See Member Benefit Level Chart. 3 Checking with Direct Deposit (at least one direct deposit must be received per quarter in order to maintain this exemption). See our Rate and Fee Schedule for a full list of exemptions.  4 ATM cards are not issued on the Basic Checking Account. Consequently, ATM access is not available with basic checking. There will be a $2.00 charge for each additional non-Summit or non-Sharenet ATM withdrawal and/or balance inquiry which exceeds the free transactions associated with your Member Benefit Level. Most transactions made at Summit-owned or Sharenet ATMs, and point-of-sale (POS) terminals are free. There is no fee for purchases made at merchant locations using your Debit card. For a complete listing of ATMs nationwide, visit the ATM section of this website. 5 At the Pinnacle Level, we'll rebate you up to $8.00 a month in ATM surcharges. This rebate will be automatically applied on your statement at the end of the month and covers surcharges at any ATM located in the U.S. up to a total of $8.00 a month. 6 See our Rate and Fee Schedule for more information.Cash back rewards available only at certain merchants and on specific transactions. Must activate offer to be eligible for reward.

Direct Deposit

Have your payroll or government check automatically deposited into your Summit account using your member account number and the Summit's Routing and Transit Number: 222382315. Not only will you save time, your money will be available faster.

Visa® Debit Card

Why use a Summit Visa Debit card?
A debit card uses money from a linked checking account for purchases. It's a safe and convenient alternative to using cash or checks, plusit works for both in-person and online purchase. Purchases come directly from your Summit checking account, ultimately working as an ATM, point-of-sale and debit card all-in-one. All transactions on your Summit Visa Debit card are secure with an EMV chip for the ultimate fraud protection you can trust. Also, use our free Mobile and Online Services to effortlessly keep track of your transactions! You will start receiving cash back on purchases at major retailers and restaurants based on how you shop with Purchase Rewards. The Summit Visa Debit card with checking rewards you every time you use your card.

Did you know?

  • Unlike credit cards, debit cards only allow you to spend money that you already have in your linked checking account.
  • Many retailers allow you to use a debit card at the checkout just like a credit card.
  • Using a debit card is convenient but it does not build credit for you.
  • Some debit cards are part of "rewards" programs, such as The Summit Debit card with rewards, which allow you to earn cash back on qualifying purchases.

To order your Summit Debit card stop by any Summit branch or call the Member Service Center at (800) 836-7328 extension 7030 or (585) 453-7030.

Updated Fraud Protection for your Debit Card

Our Debit Card processor has changed the type of fraud detection and alert system being used.  The new system includes several benefits, such as improved cardholder communication.

Here is how the new system works:

  • When potential fraud is detected, you will receive an automatic email notification from The Summit with the option to reply with “Fraud” or “No Fraud.”
  • Approximately one minute after the email is sent, you will receive a text alert from 32874, which also has the “Fraud” or “No Fraud” option. Text alerts are only sent between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm.
  • If there is no response from you within five minutes after the text alert, you will receive an automatic phone call to confirm or deny fraud.

IMPORTANT: Our messages will never ask for your PIN or account number.

The phone number for the Fraud Notification Center has changed to 1-800-417-4592. Please add this number to your phone contacts and label it “Fraud Center” so you can easily identify calls from the Fraud Notification Center. Please note that this phone number is only for you to be contacted by, or respond to, calls from the Fraud Notification Center.

For more information please contact our Member Service Center at (800) 836-7328 during business hours.

Get to Know the Protection Path for Your Checking Account

Overdraft Protection/Line of Credit

Once the available funds are exhausted in the checking account, The Summit will then look to see if there is an Overdraft Line of Credit on the account. Give yourself extra peace of mind and guard against overdrafts with an Overdraft Protection/Line of Credit (subject to credit approval). Apply today.

Share-to-Share Overdraft Transfer Fee

If Overdraft Protection/Line of Credit is used or you do not have the service, The Summit will then take any available funds from your Primary Savings Account to cover the payment for a $5.00 overdraft transfer fee.

Courtesy Pay

Have you ever written a check or made a transaction but weren't sure that the funds were available in your account? The Summit may choose to cover certain withdrawal requests (except on transactions that are ATM or Visa Debit card transactions) from your checking account in excess of the available balance in your account. If this happens to you, relax, we've got you covered.

  • No application or registration needed for the Courtesy Pay service.
  • There is a $32 fee for each Courtesy Pay transaction payment.
  • The Cumulative Negative Balance Limitation for Courtesy Pay transactions is $500.00 for eligible members.
  • Any overdraft resulting from a Courtesy Pay transaction must be repaid within 10 days after the date of the transaction.
  • Courtesy Pay is only available to members whose accounts are in good standing, the primary member on the account is 18 years of age or older and has been a Summit member for more than 60 days. We can terminate this service anytime at our sole discretion.

Courtesy Pay Select

Want extra coverage when you use your Visa Debit card or ATM Card? You'll experience additional peace of mind when you opt-in to our Courtesy Pay Select service.

  • It's fast and easy to opt-in to Courtesy Pay Select through Online Access, at any Summit branch, or the Member Service Center at (800) 836-7328 extension 7030.
  • If you are eligible and you opt-in, you may participate in the Courtesy Pay Select Program providing overdraft protection for ATM and Visa Debit card transactions.
  • There is a $32 fee for each Courtesy Pay Select transaction payment.
  • The Cumulative Negative Balance Limitation for Courtesy Pay Select transactions is $500.00 for eligible members.
  • Any overdraft resulting from a Courtesy Pay Select transaction must be repaid within 10 days after the date of the transaction.
  • Courtesy Pay Select is only available to members whose accounts are in good standing, the primary member on the account is 18 years of age or older and has been a Summit member for more than 60 days. We can terminate this service anytime at our sole discretion.

The Summit may choose to pay withdrawals in excess of your available balance. There is no limit on the total fees we can charge you for overdrawing your account. Refer to the Membership and Account Agreement for further details. You can request a copy by calling (585) 453-7030 or (800) 836-SFCU extension 7030 or make a request now via email. The Progressive Checking and Business Accounts (except for DBA/sole proprietorship and partnerships) are not eligible for the Courtesy Pay Service.

*Please review our Funds Availability Policy.



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