Madelyn George, winner of The Summit's 2019 college scholarship.

Reflecting on The Summit’s College Scholarship

February 24, 2020

What The Summit FCU Scholarship Meant to Me  Madelyn George was The Summit’s 2019 scholarship winner. Here are her thoughts on how the scholarship helped her at the University of Connecticut this year. As time is quickly approaching for The Summit Federal Credit Union’s next scholarship winner to be announced, I reflect on why I […]

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closeup of three people using smart phone.

Scams Targeting People Over 50 Becoming More Prevalent

February 14, 2020

Financial scams are rampant, and those who perpetrate them are becoming craftier each day. It’s increasingly important to be on the lookout for these scams, many of which target people age 50 and above, particularly the elderly. What is a scam? A scammer exploits your trust to get your money. They trick you into revealing […]

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Person with a calculator writing in a ledger book.

Estimating Your Retirement Income Needs

January 27, 2020

You know how important it is to plan for your retirement, but where do you begin? One of your first steps should be to estimate how much income you’ll need to fund your retirement. That’s not as easy as it sounds, because retirement planning is not an exact science. Your specific needs depend on your […]

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Representatives from The Summit and the AHA at the Buffalo Wine and Chocolate Festival 2019

Buffalo Niagara American Heart Association Helps Our Region Stay Healthy

January 21, 2020

Michelle Mason is the Director of Development for the Buffalo Niagara American Heart Association (AHA), beneficiary of our Buffalo Wine and Chocolate Festival to be held January 25, 2020. We asked her to tell us about the AHA’s local impact. I remember the day just like any other. I was a little girl, maybe 8 […]

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woman thinking about money

Five New Money Habits for the New Year

January 9, 2020

As 2019 becomes 2020, lots of people vow to make physical fitness a regular practice in the New Year. But what about financial fitness? Here are 5 money habits that will tone up your financial wellness. 1. Keep watch on your accounts. Getting into the habit of knowing what’s going on in your accounts can […]

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Woman in a Santa Hat Shopping Online with a Credit Card.

Be Smart When Buying Gifts for the Holidays

December 10, 2019

Credit Card Tips for Stress-free Holiday Shopping Shopping is on lots of people’s minds this time of year. With so much enticing merchandise and all those sales grabbing your attention, it can be hard to keep expenditures under control, particularly when using a credit card. Though it doesn’t sparkle or smell like nutmeg, being smart […]

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laptop with credit cards

Should I Transfer My Credit Card Balances?

November 4, 2019

  Why Transferring Balances to a New Card May Be a Good Idea What does it mean to carry a balance? Having a credit card lets you borrow money from the card issuer for purchases. The amount of money you charge during one billing cycle (usually a month) is really a loan. The total amount […]

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Default News Graphic (Bank Building Front)

Catwalk for Community

October 21, 2019

Cynthia Kolko is the Community and Public Relations Specialist at The Summit Federal Credit Union. Here, she describes what happened when she and some co-workers from The Summit attended a Rochester Fashion Week event.   At The Summit, supporting our communities is just part of what we do. And if there’s a way to have […]

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Couple figuring out mortgage finances

What’s the Difference Between APR and Interest Rate?

September 6, 2019

Autumn leaves will be falling soon, but what’s falling now are interest rates. The Summit’s Mortgage Team has been extra busy helping people take out mortgages or refinance existing ones. Of course, they answer a lot of questions. We thought we’d explain one of the most common: What’s the difference between an APR and an […]

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Parents: You’ve thought about money for college. Now, think about money at college.

August 9, 2019

This we know: college costs money. But while parents are calculating the expense of tuition, room and board, they can sometimes overlook the fact that students usually need additional funds for things like supplies, transportation and personal items (and maybe pizza). To give students a way to make purchases, parents typically choose either a debit […]

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