A Big New Addition to 2019 Roc the Taste

July 23, 2019

Q: How Do You Make a Successful Festival Better?

A: Beer.*

Last summer, there was an explosion in Parcel 5 called Roc the Taste.

At its debut in 2018, the free food and music festival drew 50,000 people downtown. Event-goers tried $1 tastes from great restaurants, listened to music and gathered with friends. Social media erupted with thumbs-ups. Significant money was raised for event beneficiaries. And the event’s reverberations stirred up talks about what to do with Parcel 5, with permanent event space touted as an option.

For sure, such a blast is a hard act to follow. For this year’s ROC the Taste, held July 26th and 27th at Parcel 5 from 11am- 11pm, you’d think that repeating what was done last year would be enough.

But, no.

To improve ROC the Taste further, 2019’s festival will feature a beer garden with breweries offering the same $1 taste deal as the restaurants. With the craft beer trend still strong around the country, the beer garden, with a variety of regional and other brews, is sure to resonate with the over-21 crowd. And like ROC the Taste itself, there’s no charge to enter the garden.

We see where this could go. Pair a $1 taste of beer with a $1 food taste. Then try another. A new favorite combo might be just $2 away.

Feel free to tell us what pairings you’ve discovered, or what tastes you loved all by themselves. Post to Instagram or Facebook, and tag @thesummitfcu and @rocthetaste. We want to see it, and if there’s time and we’re not already too full, we want to try it.

*Age 21 and over. Please drink responsibly.

Cynthia Kolko, The Summit Federal Credit Union