When you join The Summit, you become more than a member; you become an owner of the best credit union in your local area. Everything we do is to serve you better, such as offering the best rates you can find.

Joining The Summit is easy! Simply apply for an account online.

2021 Best of the Best Award Winners

  • Consumer Lending Experience
  • Member Transaction Experience

The Summit is a credit union, not a bank.

A credit union is a not-for-profit cooperative owned by its members (like you). Banks are for-profit corporations owned by investors and stakeholders, where you’re merely a customer.

Credit unions make money for you.

Banks only make money for their shareholders. Credit unions serve their members, each of whom own a piece of the cooperative. At The Summit, loan interest gets returned to our members as better rates, fewer fees and enhanced technology, which helps us stay healthy for the benefit of all members.

The Summit provides for our members.

The Summit provides services that help our members stay financially healthy. That’s why we offer so much financial education, often charge fewer and less expensive fees than banks, and try to offer the very best credit union rates on products like loans and credit cards.

It takes just a few minutes to open a credit union account.

Who We Are

  • We Give Back
    In 2018, our employees contributed over 7,200 hours volunteering: an incredible number!
  • We Invest in Services
    The Summit is committed to providing the latest technology geared toward the way our members use financial services today.
  • We are Local & Nationwide
    The Summit serves members in Western and Central New York State. Yet, we’re part of CO-OP Shared Branching, a network of 3,500 credit unions that give members nationwide access to over 5,600 shared branches.
  • We Listen To You
    Member feedback has spurred us to make many of our most recent upgrades, new products and credit cards with robust rewards and benefits.
  • We Make Things Easy
    Joining us is easy. Learn about The Summit’s membership benefits.

How to Open a Credit Union Account at The Summit

Choose one of the convenient ways to get started with us:


Complete the membership application.

At a Branch

  1. Fill out a Membership Enrollment Application before you visit us, or complete one at a branch.
  2. Bring a primary form of identification or other acceptable documents for proof of identity. If your address is different from the one on your ID, please bring in proof of address.
  3. Bring the minimum deposit of $5.00 plus payment for any checks to order.