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Should I Transfer My Credit Card Balances?

Find out if transferring balances is for you.

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Getting Started: Establishing a Financial Safety Net

In case of a financial emergency, having a financial safety net can be a lifesaver.

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2020’s Holiday Must-Have

Get help with your holiday spending with this budgeting worksheet.

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5 Reasons a Checking Account is a Must Have

Checking accounts might seem outdated with all the online payment options, but this financial workhorse is a must-have for anyone who has money at their disposal. A checking account is a powerful tool that not only houses your money, but helps you budget, pay bills on time, and save for bigger purchases. Here are five […]

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Direct Deposit 101

Chances are you’re reading this because you got a job and on your first day the HR manager asked if you wanted direct deposit for your paycheck. And whether you said “yes”, “no”, or “uh, let me get back to you,” it’s important to understand how direct deposit works as it’s going to likely be […]

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4 Things You Should be Letting Your Teens Do with Their Money (and 1 You Shouldn’t)

As your kids start getting older and earning more money for themselves, it can be difficult to discern what you should let them do with their money and what you shouldn’t allow. How can you encourage them to develop good financial habits but also prevent them from making big mistakes? We’re talking you through four […]

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The Summit’s Credit Cards Spotlighted at

The Summit Federal Credit Union’s Visa® Credit Cards were featured on a popular site for people researching credit cards. The team at recently spoke with Mark Gregory, The Summit’s Vice President of Lending, about how our cards are different from each other, and what they offer cardholders. The article focuses on card features, such […]

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Financial Scams Are Becoming More Common, Especially This One

Stay aware to protect yourself from financial scams.

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Home is Where the Cat is

Home is where the cat is: house hunting with cats in mind.


Plates of Thanks to Benefit FeedMore WNY

FeedMore of Western New York provides people who are in need with nutritious food. The Summit’s Delaware/Hertel and Clarence branches will again be running our plate drive, “Plates of Thanks,” to raise funds for FeedMore, starting November 16. Please consider purchasing a “plate.” All funds go directly to FeedMore of WNY. Since 2009, The Summit, […]


Halloween at the Park

Join us for Halloween at the Park, sponsored by The Summit Federal Credit Union! Each night in October from 7-10pm, enjoy a safe, distanced family Halloween event at Jamesville Beach Park. Get into your vehicle to follow the lighted path through a Halloween wonderland of ghostly and fun displays. Tickets, priced $10 Sunday-Thursday, $15 Friday-Saturday, […]