The Summit At A Glance

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Summit Stats

  • 89,000+ active members
  • $1.2 billion in assets
  • 700+ member groups
  • 230+ employees
  • 8 branches in the Rochester, NY area
  • 2 branches in the Syracuse, NY area
  • 2 branches in the Buffalo, NY area
  • 1 branch in Cortland, NY
  • 1 branch in Seneca Falls, NY
  • Virtual Branch

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    History of the Credit Union

    Our credit union began almost 80 years ago with a simple mission: to help members improve their lives. That mission continues to guide everything we do at The Summit today.

  • Board of Directors & Annual Reports

    With their diverse expertise, the board helps management ensure that our practices are in members’ best interests. The annual report outlines these practices, our financial results and how we fulfilled our goals.

Member Conduct Policy

The Summit Federal Credit Union has adopted the following policy that applies to member conduct. This policy protects The Summit‘s members, visitors, employees and property from individuals who are or may be threatening or abusive. The policy speaks to ensure that all parties’ rights are protected.

Unacceptable member conduct or behavior may include but is not limited to:

  • Abusive, vulgar or intimidating language
  • Threats, intimidation or acts of violence
  • Harassment of any type, including sexual harassment
  • Damage to or interference with The Summit’s property or systems
  • Unlawful acts
  • Abusive contact of any sort
  • Other abusive or disruptive behavior
  • Injury or threatened injury to any member, visitor or employee (kicking, fighting or other harm)
  • Possession, sale, use or being under the influence of an unlawful or unauthorized substance while on The Summit’s property

The following sanctions may be imposed against a member who has engaged in misconduct:

  • Denial of any and all member privileges with the exception of maintaining a regular share account and the right to vote at annual meetings. Privileges are defined as Summit products, services, loans, access devices, branch service, etc. other than maintenance of regular share savings accounts
  • Preclusion from any personal contact with Summit FCU employees including access to credit union premises or member services
  • Any other action deemed necessary that is not expressly precluded by the Federal Credit Union Act, the National Credit Union Administration and New York State’s Workplace Violence Protection Law