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How to Open a Checking Account – What You Need to Know

You are about to hit a major life milestone—opening a checking account and taking one of the first big steps toward financial independence and growth. Whether you’re here because you just landed your first job, are heading off to college, or for another important reason, there are a few quick steps to think about as […]

When and How to Use Your Debit Card : Debit Card 101

Have you ever wondered when you should choose your debit card, credit card, or cash for payment? Do you know what your best option is for various payment situations? This quick guide can help to differentiate between the three and offer suggestions on the best times to use each one. But first…how to use it! […]

For Teens: 7 Better Money Habits to Start Now

It’s never too early to start building your financial stability and independence—even as a teenager. The earlier you start positive money habits, the better off you will be down the road when you’re getting ready to pay for things like school, a car, travel, a home, and anything else that you see in your future. […]
Financial Education Session in Seneca Falls, NY

Community Spotlight

Students Participate in Financial Simulation Presented by The Summit

Students at the Seneca County Department of Youth Development learn financial life skills.
The Summit Federal Credit Union Virtual Bank

What’s New With The Summit

The Summit Launches Virtual Branch

The Summit Federal Credit Union has launched our Virtual Branch. Convenient, safe and easy to use, the branch features one-on-one, live interaction with a Summit Relationship Specialist, who can help with just about anything that can be done at a physical branch. Users connect from anywhere, right from a mobile or other electronic device. It’s […]