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How to Build Good Credit in College

Going to college is one of the first steps of freedom as you transition from being at home with family to living independently as a young adult. With this transition comes a myriad of decisions to make about your education, housing arrangements, social life and money habits.  Each decision helps to prepare for a future […]

How to Start Building Credit in High School and College

Why is your credit score important? Building and maintaining good credit is a smart step toward financial independence, and the earlier you start, the better. Having a solid credit rating is important for several big financial moves like buying your first car, applying for a loan, being screened for an apartment, and purchasing a home. […]

6 Critical Lessons for Your Teen’s First Credit Card

Starting at age 18, young adults can get their first credit card to start building their credit and working toward financial independence. Before they start using their new card, it is important to make sure they understand the key elements of using and paying with  a credit card. Here are six important things your teen […]

Community Spotlight

The Summit Sponsors Family Activity at Irondequoit’s Winterfest

Our Irondequoit Branch was delighted to sponsor marshmallow roasting at Saturday’s Winterfest held at the Town of Irondequoit Town Hall campus. Hundreds of people braved the winter chill to check out dozens of activities, along with food trucks, and horse and wagon rides. Huge thanks to the Irondequoit Girl Scouts who partnered with us for […]

What’s New With The Summit

Virtual Branch Becomes One of the Most Popular Services offered by The Summit

Since its launch in July 2021, the Virtual Branch has become one of the most popular services offered by The Summit. Visiting the Virtual Branch is easy, secure, and convenient. It goes wherever you are, using any desktop or mobile device. The beauty of the Virtual Branch means that you can be literally anywhere in […]

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