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Taste of Syracuse: Meet the 2023 Beneficiaries

May 25, 2023

.With average attendance of over 250,000 people, Taste of Syracuse is the biggest two-day event in Central New York and The Summit has been the title sponsor since 2017. Each year, two local charities are named to be the beneficiaries of the event.

This year’s event will raise funds for two Central New York organizations, each working to make a difference in the lives of area children: Sleep in Heavenly Peace, and PEACE Inc. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Onondaga County.

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Laurie Baker

81st Annual Meeting – Reflecting on 2022 and Looking Forward

May 22, 2023

At our recent annual meeting, held on May 10th, I had the opportunity to briefly reflect on 2022 – a year of exciting new member products and positive strategic growth, and share these thoughts with our members. If you were not able to join us, either in person, or virtually, I wanted to share these with you on this platform, which has become increasingly popular with those visiting our website.

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sweet home

How to Determine the Equity in Your Home

April 17, 2023

Equity. We hear this term a lot with regards to property. But what exactly is it and how do you determine how much you have?

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IRS De-stress: 5 Tips for Last Minute Taxpayers

April 10, 2023

Tax day is almost here! You have until April 18, 2023 to file federal income taxes. Most states are following suit, however, you can consult your state’s tax page to verify. If you’ve already crossed this off your list…congratulations! And if you’re in the company of 25% of Americans who wait until the last minute, don’t panic. Here are five suggestions for filing in the final hour. 

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Spring Cleaning Your Finances

April 4, 2023

Spring cleaning is that annual ritual that can make us feel refreshed. We dust off the cobwebs and we air out our rooms. We purge our closets and pantries. But what about incorporating a spring clean for your finances? Surely, they can use a little TLC, too?

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Laurie Baker

Why The Summit is a Safe and Stable Place for Your Money

March 14, 2023

You may have seen or heard the recent news about the collapse of two financial institutions. We want to reassure our members that The Summit Federal Credit has no relationship to, or investment in, either of these financial institutions.
We are committed to the financial wellness of our members and take our responsibility to protect your money very seriously.

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Share Certificates 101

March 3, 2023

If you have some extra savings and want to earn higher dividends than a regular savings or money market account, a share certificate might just be the perfect way.

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Common Cents for Couples: How to Manage Money Together

February 8, 2023

For some couples, February might be a month for romantic connection – celebrating Valentine’s Day with dinner reservations or romantic gifting. For others, solidarity and closeness can be found in boycotting Cupid together. Regardless of whether you have a love or hate relationship with the cherubic matchmaker who wields heart-tipped arrows, one thing is certain: cohabitating couples will enjoy a more harmonious relationship when they align on money matters.

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Inflation

January 30, 2023

From eggs and milk to utilities, the cost of everyday items is going up. Inflation is encroaching on the family budget. Discussions around the dinner table increasingly include the high cost of everyday things and how to accommodate that within the budget.

Kids are observant. It’s likely that they are noticing the fact that their allowance money isn’t going as far as it used to. So how do you explain inflation to your kids and what that means for your family budget?

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Set ‘Em and Forget ‘Em: 4 Financial Resolutions You Can Accomplish Now

January 4, 2023

New Year’s resolutions are a mixed bag for many of us. On the one hand: personal betterment! On the other hand: methodical auditing of our refrigerator, checking account, and various vices. On the cusp of a fresh calendar year, we feel compelled to immediately transform our lives, but—as is the case with most good things—change takes time. This is especially true when it comes to financial goals. And in the aftermath of steep holiday spending, our goalposts can feel…far away.   If you want a few financial resolutions that you can achieve early into the new year (because who doesn’t love an easy to-do list??) here are some suggestions. 

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Creative Ways to Save in 2023

December 15, 2022

The New Year offers a great opportunity to make resolutions, whether it’s improving your physical or financial wellbeing. It’s a good time to take stock and make plans to save more cash. Here are some helpful tips!

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Feel Like Folding 2

December 9, 2022

Our origami blogs have been really popular with our members! Here’s a new, easy origami project that you can enjoy. It’s easy enough to involve the entire family!

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