Fraud Prevention Center

The Summit will never contact you to ask for your account numbers, card number, zip code, passwords, pin numbers, passcodes, or usernames. If anyone contacts you unexpectedly and requests this information, do not provide it.

Protecting your accounts is a top priority for The Summit.

Identity theft is one of the most prevalent crimes in America today. In today’s digital world, it’s important to be on the lookout for fraudulent activity and to know how to safeguard yourself against it. At The Summit, we monitor this activity on a daily – and even hourly – basis. 

Below are resources and advice to help you stay safe from this growing problem.

Types of Scams

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Victim of Identity Theft?

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Protect Your Information

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Card Security Features

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Report Card Lost or Stolen

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Fraudulent activity is on the rise

What to do if it happens to you:

Check Out the Latest Fraud Prevention Updates & Tips

Romance Scams

May 2, 2024

Online dating and social media have opened up a whole new world of possibilities for connecting with people. But beware. Among those who are genuinely looking for the perfect soul mate or social interaction are those who have a much more sinister goal – to find the perfect victim for a scam.

The QR Code Cracked

January 25, 2024

We encounter QR codes every day. Those strange squares made up of a unique pattern of micro-squares inside them appear in ads, on your favorite TV morning or talk shows, on receipts for things we purchase, on tables at restaurants, on beverage cups at your favorite fast-food outlet – everywhere.

Fraud and Scams – There’s a big difference

November 15, 2023

We hear the terms “fraud” and “scam” often and sometimes interchangeably. Both are ways of separating honest people with their hard-earned money, and no one wants to be a victim of either. However, the two are not synonymous.