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High balances? Not for long.

Transfer balances to your Summit Visa® Credit Card and save.

New Credit Cardholder Offer 6.95% APR

With a balance transfer, you can save money on interest and simplify your monthly payments by paying down your debt in a single monthly payment.

Pay a lower rate

The national average APR is 20.67%.** Enjoy rates as low as 11.75% when you transfer your balances to one of our cards.

No balance transfer fee

The national average balance transfer fee is 3-5%.** With no balance transfer fee on our Summit Visa Card, the savings go right into your pocket.

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Visa Gold with EMV chip

Balance Transfer Rate 1

Lowest Rate Card with an APR as low as 11.75%.

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Visa Platinum with EMV chip

Balance Transfer Rate 1

Rewards Card with an APR as low as 13.25%.

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Visa Signature with EMV

Balance Transfer Rate 1

Cash Back Card with an APR as low as 13.25%.

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Great News!

When you transfer to The Summit Card with a % Balance Transfer Rate, you will save a total of over the course of months!

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That’s an impressive rate; we recommend that you stay with your current card. But please check back with us in the future, as we frequently offer special credit card rates. And if your current card rates are introductory, come see us when those rates end to find out how much money you can save.

The information provided by these calculators is intended for illustrative purposes only and is not intended to purport actual user-defined parameters. The default figures shown are hypothetical and may not be applicable to your individual situation. Be sure to consult a financial professional prior to relying on the results.

1. Log in to Online Access
2. Select Credit Cards
3. Choose Balance Transfer
4. Click Balance Transfer in the menu on the right

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Savings are for illustration purposes only. Actual savings may differ. Call at (585) 453-7000 or (800) 836-7328 to see exactly how much we’ll save you.

FEDERALLY INSURED BY NCUA. Membership eligibility required. Subject to credit approval. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply. APRs range from 14.45% (Secured), to 11.75% to 18.00% (Gold), and 13.25% to 18.00% (Platinum & Signature). Your APR will depend on your creditworthiness and will vary with the market based on the Prime Rate. APRs shown are as of July 1, 2024 and are subject to change at any time.

  1. Our Cash Advance Fee is 2% of the cash advance amount and our Foreign Transaction Fee is 1% of the transaction amount in U.S. dollars. Promotion: Introductory APR of 6.95% ends 180 days after the date of account opening on purchases and balance transfers for all credit card accounts excluding Visa®️ Secured opened 6/1/24 through 8/31/24. Purchases made during the 180 days after account opening will qualify for an interest rate of 6.95% until the 180 day introductory period is up. After that, your regular APR will be applied to any unpaid purchases and balances posted during the introductory period. For example, if your credit card account is opened on 6/2/24, the 6.95% introductory rate will be valid on purchases and balance transfers through 11/29/24. You can view your billing cycle date and regular APR on your credit card statement.

**Savings based on national average for variable rate credit cards per Bankrate as of June 14, 2024 and national average balance transfer rate as of April 10, 2024.