All in the Family

November 16, 2022

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By Dawn Kellogg

After over 80 years, The Summit is now serving the second, third, and fourth generation of members. Many of our members started their accounts when the credit union was still known as the Rochester Telephone Company Credit Union. Through subsequent mergers with other credit unions, The Summit grew. Like other family traditions, membership to The Summit can be something that just happens…naturally.

What is it about The Summit that imbues such loyalty? 

As a credit union, The Summit is owned by our members. The decisions that are made here benefit the membership and we have our members at the heart of our business. Whether members visit a branch in person or connect with us via the Virtual Branch or Call Center, they receive the personalized service for which The Summit is known.

We want our members to grow with us and we offer products and services that cover them at all stages of life – from the cradle to retirement and beyond.

Like any relationship, The Summit has built up a trust with its members. So many of our long-standing members have shared their comments with us:

“I have been a member of The Summit for many, many years. I would never go back to a traditional bank. The Summit is like family.

“I have been a customer since 1990 and have never thought of going anywhere else.”

“I’ve been doing business with The Summit for over 20 + years and have come to respect and appreciate those who are there to help others with making reasonable decisions based on their financial needs or wants. They are very honest and will let you know what they think is best for you, but ultimately, the final decision is yours. A warm and friendly atmosphere that makes you feel like you want to do business with them. “

Trust like this is not something that happens overnight. It’s built up slowly over time. We value our relationship with our members – they become part of The Summit family. We are honored that they have made us part of theirs!

Dawn Kellogg is the Public Relations and Community Engagement Specialist for The Summit Federal Credit Union.