Taking Convenience and Simplicity to a New Level

June 15, 2021

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The Simple Power of The Summit’s Debit Cards and Digital Spend Accounts

Laurie Baker, President and CEO of The Summit Federal Credit Union

I think it’s safe to say that convenience is something our society values—a lot. It’s why drive-throughs came about, why we love our smartphones and why grocery delivery has become so popular. If it saves us time and effort we’d rather be using elsewhere, we’re all for it.

Convenience: a debit card and digital spend account is a powerful combination.

Simplicity goes hand-in-hand with convenience. That minimalism trend we’ve been seeing lately isn’t an accident. People are looking to simplify their lives in order to make them easier. For instance, why carry a huge suitcase on a trip, when a sleek, compact carry-on bag can hold everything you need?

If we think about financial services as a suitcase, debit cards would be the all-purpose garments you pack. There’s just so much a debit card can do. For one, you can make purchases with a debit card just as you would with a credit card: over the phone, online or in-store. The difference is that with a debit card, the money is drawn directly from your checking account rather than as a loan you pay back. A debit card is also a cash card to use at an ATM. (Tip: use one of The Summit’s 55,000 surcharge-free partner ATMs.) And you can use the card to get cash back during an in-store purchase.

Pairing a debit card with The Summit’s new Digital Spend Accounts is a powerful combination that takes convenience and simplicity to a whole new level. We built our Digital Edge Spend Account specifically for people age 16 to age 26, and our Digital Freedom Spend Account is for those age 27 or older. Both accounts are seamless all-digital checking and debit card solutions perfect for mobile users who like to access their accounts and perform transactions on the go. These paperless accounts streamline the transactions that people (especially young people) use most, such as mobile check deposit, online bill pay and optional digital wallets.

Of course, there are times when we need one-on-one help with even simple tasks. At The Summit, members can talk to a local Summit representative in real time by phone, on our online chat or in person at a branch. Our friendly, knowledgeable service is part of why members voted us “Best of the Best” for best transaction experience and best loan experience in a 2020 survey. And combined with our debit card and digital spend accounts, it’s part of a well-packed carry-on bag of convenient and easy financial services.

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