Elevating the Ordinary – It’s What We Do

May 29, 2024

Categories: Company News

Laurie Baker

By Laurie Baker, President and CEO

Taglines say a lot about a brand, a company, or an organization. Just think about those products and services we hear commercials for everyday: Nike (Just Do It), the US Postal Service (We Deliver), Dunkin’ (America Runs on Dunkin’), and L’Oreal (Because You’re Worth It). Taglines are not just a “word salad,” they are meant to capture the essence of a brand, evoke a response, make you feel something, and serve as a permanent expression of an organization’s greater mission and purpose.

Trying to encapsulate in three to five words what a company or organization does and means is no easy task – especially when it comes to the financial industry. What we do means different things to different people. For some, it’s about saving for retirement and having a nest egg. For others, it’s about getting a loan to go to college, purchase a house, or pay off higher interest bills or credit cards. For others still, it’s about achieving goals.

We’ve recently unveiled our new tagline: Elevating the ordinary™. You’ll be seeing and hearing this phrase a lot more in advertising, in our branches, on our social media channels, and when we are out and about in the community.

For us, this new tagline encapsulates our member-centric approach as we strive to take the member experience to the next level. It means going the extra mile and creating relationships that are meaningful, long-lasting, and steeped in our values.

Elevating the ordinary™ is not only a member-facing message, but also something that represents our culture. We are continuously elevating the ordinary for our employees and their work experience as well, through our DEI council, our “boots on the ground” approach to supporting our communities, and our ability to create a space where employees can envision and realize a long-term career.

When people hear or see our new tagline, I hope that it not only piques their interest, but incites them to be a part of our Summit family. We are a unique financial institution with aspirations to evolve and do more for not only our members, but the communities in which they live and work. We are not only a great place for those who know what they want out of their financial life, but we are also a great place to start your financial journey.

Elevating the ordinary™ may be our new tagline, but it’s certainly not a new concept for us. We’ve been elevating the ordinary for years – offering exceptional service, making dreams possible, helping people achieve their financial goals, and doing our best to be a true financial partner, customizing our approach to service based on the needs of a member and meeting them where they are. This is why we are serving our fourth generation of members and welcoming new members every day.