GreenPath Offers Resources for Members of the Summit

March 15, 2022

Categories: Budgets, Debt Management, Financial Goals, Financial Planning, Financial Security, Investing, Tips, Your Home

By Dawn Kellogg

If you’ve ever had a chance to explore The Summit’s website (and we hope you have), you may have noticed some articles and links to GreenPath, The Summit’s Financial Education partner.

GreenPath has a wealth of resources available to members of The Summit. Their certified experts can help you navigate the big moments of your life: getting married, buying a home, etc. They can also empower you to eliminate financial stress, get out of debt, increase savings, and achieve your financial goals. They will take time to understand your financial situation and develop a personalized plan that works for you. And they are there to support you every step of the way.

How can GreenPath help you on the road to achieving your financial goals?

  • Do a spending/budget review to help develop a plan and provide support through life’s ups and downs.
  • Help you find options for dealing with debt with counseling to help ease financial stress, address financial concerns, and develop a plan for living a financially healthy life.
  • Walk you through a credit report review to assist in developing strategies to help meet credit goals and create opportunities.
  • Provide advice for current housing situations and help prepare for the future with their HUD-approved counseling services.
  • Help explore Student Loan options.
  • Access free eCourses, videos, webinars, calculators, and other resources.

Their online services offer innovative ways to learn more about personal finance.

Click here to visit GreenPath today or call 1-877-337-3399 to set up a free counseling session.

Visit our financial resources page regularly for updated articles and tips.