Home is Where the Cat is

October 29, 2020

House Hunting with Cats in Mind

We’ve put together some fun tips for house hunting with pet cats in mind. After all, don’t they rule our homes anyway?

Here are some questions to consider when looking “fur” a feline-friendly pad.

Is there a window so the cat can sit and watch the outdoors?
Most cats love to spy on the world outside. They’ll appreciate space to perch and observe.

What’s out there?
Plants and wildlife are great viewing for a cat, but urban environments usually offer plenty for kitty to watch, too. In any case, take note of what the cat can see from the window. A brick wall is probably not too interesting to a cat.

Is there something that would frighten a kitty?
Note any unavoidable loud noises or scary sights. Is there a blinking neon sign? A passing train that shakes the foundation? Imagine how it could affect your cat.

What about the cat’s healthcare needs?
Is there a vet you like and emergency services nearby? Would a long car ride to the vet stress out your cat?

Where will the litter box go?
Make sure there’s an accessible place for the litterbox. Pick a location that wouldn’t make you all-too aware of it.

Is there room for cat furniture?
If you want to keep those towers, tunnels and hangouts your cat loves, figure out where they’d fit and where your cat would use them.

Is it safe? Can I make it safe?
Keeping dangerous objects and substances out of reach of a cat is important. Do a “risk assessment” of the home, considering things like window treatment cords, appliances and any places a cat is in danger of falling or getting stuck. Also note any openings that make it easy for a cat to escape.

Ready to sniff out a home?

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Cynthia Kolko, The Summit Federal Credit Union