Stay Alert to Home Warranty Scams

October 6, 2021

Categories: Education, Protecting Your Accounts, Safety & Security, Scams & Fraud, Tips

We have recently been made aware of homeowners receiving letters about home warranties about to expire. These letters may come from “Home Warranty Direct” and may also mention The Summit or another mortgage lender.

These letters request an immediate response with a warning that eligibility for home warranty coverage will be revoked. It also contains tactics to frighten the reader that they will be responsible for any home repairs unless they agree to get the warranty “up to date.” All of these claims are false.

Home Warranty Scams -- Stay Alert.

Please be aware that The Summit does not secure home warranties, nor will we ever send a letter about such a warranty. If you receive a letter about a home warranty claiming to be from The Summit, it is a scam. Do not call the number listed. We recommend you securely throw away the letter if it contains your personal information, such as shredding it before disposal.

Please note that it is a common tactic of scammers to call or send a letter, text or email urging immediate action to avoid an unfavorable consequence.

If you ever receive suspicious correspondence from or referencing The Summit, you are welcome to give us a call to verify its origin. Member Services can be reached at (585) 453-7000 or (800) 836-7328.

For more information on how to avoid fraud and scams, visit our Fraud Prevention Center.

Cynthia Kolko, The Summit Federal Credit Union