The Summit Sponsors 2022-2023 Season at Homer Center for the Arts

The Summit announces that it will again partner with the Center for the Arts of Homer as the Annual Sponsor for the 2022-2023 Season. This is the sixth season that The Summit has sponsored at the Homer Arts Center, which is served by The Summit’s Cortland branch.   

Housed in the 200-year-old First Baptist Church of Homer, the Center for the Arts was established in 2001 as a community of artists, art lovers, music makers, and creators. The venue hosts an eclectic mix of concerts, film screenings, art exhibitions, classes, workshops, and is the home of the Center Players community theatre. This spring, the Center for the Arts welcomes such artists as Ricky Lee Jones, Billy Prine, Judy Collins, George Winston, Foy Vance, and more.

For more information on the Homer Center for the Arts, visit

Attached photo: Patti Russell, Branch Manager for The Summit’s Cortland Branch; Joe Cortese, Development Director, Arts Center of Homer; Sheila Ryan, Assistant Director, Arts Center of Homer; and Ty Marshall, Executive Director, Arts Center of Homer.