I LOVE this House—but I HATE the Color!

New Home Painting Advice

Buying your first home comes with a mix of emotions, the strongest of which is often the emotion felt when you see the color of the exterior and the paint colors inside of the home. 

Paint choices can be controversial—the shutters may not match the siding, the previous owners may have had a passion for dark accent walls, or a child’s bedroom could have a deep-sea theme painted on the walls. The first viewing can often color a new homebuyer’s view of the house, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. 

If your style matches well with the previous owner, congratulations and keep moving—pun intended! If instead you’re having an uncomfortable reaction to the colors you see, but you could really see yourself in this home, take a pause. Try to step back and look at the bigger picture like whether the location, size, layout, and price are right for you.  

If the answers to those questions are “yes”, but you truly hate green siding or you know you simply cannot cook in a mauve kitchen, plan to make a change. Many new homebuyers choose to paint interior rooms before they move in to avoid paint splatter on furniture and to be able to move supplies freely around the home. Painting light-colored rooms in a darker shade and touching up trim is often relatively easy to do on your own or with the help of friends and family. Removing wallpaper, switching from dark to light color palettes, and covering large murals can be more challenging and may require a longer timeframe or the help of a professional. 

There are countless resources to help choose colors, styles, and trends that will fit your home. HGTV is forecasting “deep, rich tones and optimistic neutrals” this year that may offer a starting point. If you have the budget, consider working with an interior decorator or, for a less expensive option, check out Pinterest for other on-trend colors for your home. All paint and home improvement stores also have professionals ready to offer guidance, provide samples, and show palette swatches to help you coordinate rooms and furniture.  Many also have mobile apps that allow you to see colors and styles in various room layouts, sometimes even allowing you to upload photos of your own new home to help make decisions with real examples. “Paint colors and styles are very personal decisions that each homeowner chooses differently,” said Chris Heath, Market Representative at Sherwin Williams. “It’s important to take your time, research options, and partner with people who can help make your vision a reality for your new home.”   

Unless you’re thinking of a total overhaul of the exterior with new siding or a full makeover, your design and color choices will likely have little to no effect on your mortgage decisions. However, some large renovations come with a significant price tag to budget for if you plan to make the changes soon after closing. Most painting and renovation services offer free estimates, and staff at paint or home improvement stores can help to budget the supplies and make recommendations on local companies or individuals who specialize in this work.

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