Helping High School Seniors Scale the Heights – The Summit’s Scholarship Program

December 23, 2021

Did you know that The Summit has a long history of awarding College Scholarships for eligible high school seniors?

The Summit annually awards scholarships through the New York Credit Union Association Scholarship Program, the local Rochester chapter of the NYCUA Scholarship Program, and The Summit Federal Credit Union’s 2022 Scholarship.

Applications are now being accepted for The Summit’s 2022 College Scholarships and deadlines are fast approaching!

Applicants for all scholarships must either be a current member of The Summit or join The Summit as a primary account holder. Information on further criteria, the application process, and deadlines, can be found here: College Scholarships – The Summit Federal Credit Union (

Additionally, The Summit awards several scholarships to eligible seniors who are students at East High School. In order to be eligible, students must also meet the above criteria.