Five Ways to Spoil Your Dog on the Cheap

August 10, 2021

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Spoil Your Dog on the Cheap

Here at The Summit, we’re all about helping people save money. This includes pointing out how to do the things you enjoy at a lower price. Well, we’ve noticed that a lot of people really, really enjoy their dogs. Like, they’re howling mad about them. So, in honor of Spoil Your Dog Day, we thought we’d give you a whole hand’s worth of suggestions on how to spoil your dog without digging into your savings. But please only consider those that you are comfortable with and that won’t encourage behavior you don’t want!

Visit a New Park

Most dogs love new places to walk in and sniff. Give pups a change of scenery by visiting a park they’ve never been to, better yet if it has water. Make sure the park is dog-friendly by researching online or calling the town in which it’s located. And know the rules of the place before you go. For instance, is it an on- or off-leash park? Be sure to bring everything you’d need, like drinking water and poop bags.

Sprinkle Some Love

Dog days of summer? Turn on the sprinkler and let your dog frolic in it. Join in and run through it with your dog, or even play a game of fetch through the water. Be sure to adjust the spray so it isn’t too forceful or scary for your dog.

Spa at Home

Spoil Your Dog Day

Give your dog a warm bath with a skin-soothing shampoo for dogs. When doggie is dry, brush the fur from head to tail. You can even give your dog a massage or pedicure but be sure you know what you’re doing so no one gets hurt. For pedicure safety tips, start here. Then lounge together on a relaxing, cushiony couch or chair.

Icy Treat

Spoil your dog by making “pupsicles”! Put some yummy dog treats in a frozen treat mold and fill with water or better yet—bone broth (there are lots that are made just for dogs). When it’s all frozen, let your dog lick it from your hand. Or, remove the stick so doggie can chew it and carry it around. You may want to do this outside to avoid pupsicle-soaked carpets or throw pillows.

Icy Treat II

Stuff a Kong or similar chew toy with plain Greek yogurt and freeze it. But beware if your dog is lactose-intolerant; if so, stuff treats inside instead.

Did you spoil your dog today?

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Cynthia Kolko, The Summit Federal Credit Union