Debit & Credit Cards

Whether you prefer to make purchases using a Debit Card, Credit Card or a combination of both, The Summit has a card to fit your lifestyle. Our EMV Debit and Credit Cards will give you the security and convenience you need with the rewards you love. Click the tabs below to learn more and to choose the option that’s right for you. Or let one of our Member Services Representatives help you.

Get the Convenience and Security of The Summit Visa® Debit Card

The Summit Visa® Debit Card rewards you every time you use it. Funds come directly from your Summit checking account, so the card works as:

  • An ATM Card for accessing your checking or savings account

  • A point-of-sale card for making purchases

  • A Debit Card for obtaining cash at the register

Choose the Debit Card that Works for You

My Rewards™ Platinum Card
My Rewards™ Gold Card
Debit Card with Purchase Rewards
Cash Back with Purchase Rewards1
Earn Points for Everyday Purchases
3 points per $100
2 points per $100
Cash Back when Shopping Online2
Average of 5% Cash Back
Average of 3.5% Cash Back
Bonus Points for Online Purchases2
Average of 50 Bonus Points per $100
Average of 35 Bonus Points per $100
Local Discounts & Coupons
Exclusive Rewards, Vacation Packages, Events, etc.
Emergency Roadside Assistance
3 events annually; Up to $100 per event
1 events annually; Up to $100 per event
Prescription Savings
Medical Evacuation and Repatriation Benefits
100% of cost covered
25% of cost covered
Cell Phone Protection
2 claims annually. Up to $500 per claim. $50 deductible per claim.
Extended Warranty
Buyers Protection
Expedited Card Replacement
Monthly Cost per Card

Or, to order your Summit Debit Card with Purchase Rewards stop by any Summit branch or call the Member Service Center at (800) 836-7328 extension 7030.

1 Cash back rewards available only at certain merchants and on specific transactions. Must activate offer to be eligible for reward.
2 Points earned and cash back amounts vary by retailer. Any brand names included above should be assumed to be a valid and enforceable trademark belonging to their respective owners.

Earn Purchase Rewards Chosen Specifically for You

Start earning rewards today just by using your Summit Visa Debit Card! The program is available to all Summit Debit cardholders and provides targeted offers for rewards on purchases based on how you shop.

There is no limit to the rewards you can earn. The more you use your card, the more offers you’ll receive to activate and enjoy!

To get started:

  • Log into your Summit Online Access account to view your personal offers located to the right of your checking activity.

  • Benefit from special offers for rewards on purchases at major retailers and restaurants based on how you shop.

  • Click a “New Offer” to activate it.

  • Rewards are typically deposited to your account the month after the offer is redeemed.

There is no fee to participate or activate an offer. Get started now!

Purchase Rewards – FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

Cash back rewards available only at certain merchants and on specific transactions. Must activate offer to be eligible for reward.

Fraud Protection for your Summit Debit Card

The Summit offers a variety of fraud protection services for your Debit Card. Visit our Fraud Prevention Center to learn more.

Credit Cards to Fit your Lifestyle

Whether you’re shopping around the corner, online, or around the world, Summit Visa® Credit Cards give you the purchasing power – and value – you need. Welcomed at millions of locations, our Visa Credit Cards have affordable low rates and no balance transfer fees. Ready to get your Summit Visa Credit Card? You can apply online, visit a branch, or contact us at (585) 453-7030 or (800) 836-SFCU extension 7030.

Choose from three different Credit Card options:

Card - Signature


Earn cash back and unlimited points on travel and everyday purchases

  • 2x points for travel
  • 1x points for every purchase
  • 10,000 bonus points when you spend $3,000 in first 90 days
APR 10.25% - 18.00%

Annual Fee: $75

Card - Platinum


Earn 1x points per dollar on every purchase, every day

  • 1x points for every purchase
APR 10.25% - 18.00%

No Annual Fee

Card - Gold


Make your large balances a little more manageable with our lowest rate card

APR 8.75% - 18.00%

No Annual Fee

All cards have:

  • No balance transfer fee
    No balance transfer fee
  • Real Time Purchase Alerts
    Real Time Purchase Alerts
  • Apple Pay
    Apple Pay
  • Design your own card
    Design your own card
  • Fraud Protection
    Fraud Protection

High Credit Card Payments?

Not for long.

Transfer a Balance Now

Transfer balances from other credit cards and loans to your Summit Visa and save money. With a balance transfer you can save money on interest and simplify your monthly payments by paying down your debt in a single monthly payment.

Already have an account?

  • Sign in to your Online Access account and select Credit Cards in the top navigation bar

  • Select Visa Access

  • Select Services from the left navigation bar

  • Select Balance Consolidation

  • Follow the prompts and click submit

If you don’t have an online account, you can contact our Member Service Center at (800) 836-7328 or use our paper Visa Balance Transfer Form to transfer balances from your other loans and credit cards to your Summit Visa.

Membership eligibility required. Subject to credit approval. Must be 18 years of age or older to apply.  APRs shown are as of December 19,  2018 and are subject to change at any time. APRs range from 8.75% to 18.00%. Your APR will depend on your creditworthiness.  Our Cash Advance Fee is 2% of the cash advance amount and our Foreign Transaction Fee is 1% of the transaction amount in U.S. dollars.

Want a custom designed credit card?

A credit card as unique as you are! Customize your Visa Credit Card with a photo. Simply upload a high-resolution image of your recent vacation, the new family pet or a special someone — the possibilities are endless. You can also choose an image from our library.

To order your personalized card:

1 Sign in to your Online Access account

2 Select Credit Cards and then select Visa Access

3 Select Services and then select Design Your Own Card

Use of the Design Your Own Card service is subject to program Terms and Conditions and Image Guidelines. There is a fee of $9.95 for this service. Please refer to the Visa Rates and Terms.

VISA Installment Agreement | VISA Rates and Terms | VISA Guide to Benefits | Visa Signature Guide to Benefits


The Ultimate in Fraud Protection

All Summit cards are equipped with EMV Chips. That means you’ll be able to use your card with confidence anywhere Visa is accepted.

What is EMV?

EMV stands for EuroPay, MasterCard®, Visa® and it represents chip technology that increases security.

How do I use my EMV Chip card?

If the merchant is chip-card ready, you will be prompted to insert your card into the terminal where it will communicate with the microchip to determine if the card is authentic. Follow the prompts on the terminal and remove the chip card when prompted to do so. If the merchant isn’t chip-card ready, the transaction will process using the magnetic strip on your card.

Explore our Balance Transfer calculator to see if we can save you money

1. Choose a card from The Summit


Balance Transfer Rate

Lowest Rate Card with an APR as low as 8.75%

Select Card


Balance Transfer Rate

Rewards Card with an APR as low as 10.25%

Select Card


Balance Transfer Rate

Cash Back Card with an APR as low as 10.25%

Select Card

Enter the Duration of your Balance Transfer Rate

2. Enter Your Current Credit Card Information

Transfer Amount Your Current Rate Savings Per Card
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3

Great News!

When you transfer to The Summit Card with a % Balance Transfer Rate, you will save a total of over the course of months!

Apply Now   or fill out the form below to start the Visa Balance Transfer Process.


That’s an impressive rate; we recommend that you stay with your current card. But please check back with us in the future, as we frequently offer special credit card rates. And if your current card rates are introductory, come see us when those rates end to find out how much money you can save.

Savings are for illustration purposes only. Actual savings may differ. Give us a call at (585) 453-7030 or (800) 836-7328 extension 7030 to see exactly how much we'll save you.

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