Feel Like Folding?

July 7, 2021

Categories: Education, Kids and Money

We’ve got two new dollar origami projects for you!

Maybe you’re on a break from school or work. Or you just want a fun activity for the weekend or evening. Whatever the reason, dollar origami is a fun way to indulge your creative side… and do a decent amount of thinking, too! Add these two new origami projects, one easy and one intermediate, to your repertoire of folded creations.

For more intermediate and easy dollar origami projects, please take a look at our past origami posts here and here. You’ll have lots of fun presenting them as gifts, adding them to cards or just making them for yourself.

Tree Cheers For Summer

Here’s a green tree you can make in any season.

  1. Start with a bill placed horizontally.
  2. Fold it in half as shown.
  3. Unfold and fold the left two corners into the middle crease.
  4. Fold the left corners into the middle again like an arrow.
  5. Fold the right side over the left.
  6. Now fold the left flap over the right.
  7. Fold in the left corners of the flap so that the angles align with the arrows.
  8. Now fold the top and bottom edges of the flap toward the middle to form the tree trunk.
  9. Turn the tree over!
Easy Dollar Origami. Make a tree. From The Summit Federal Credit Union.

Candy Cash

Make this sweet treat for anytime!

  1. Start with a dollar bill facing up.
  2. Fold the top and bottom edges in.
  3. Fold in half from left to right. Unfold.
  4. Fold in half from bottom to top. Unfold.
  5. Fold the left in 2/3 and the right 1/3 as shown
  6. Fold the top and bottom edges in toward the middle and flat end the left parts to form triangles as shown.
  7. Now fold the top middle flap out toward the top edge and the bottom middle flap out toward the bottom edge.
  8. Now fold that piece at the bottom of the triangles over to the left
  9. Fold the right flap in toward the center. Repeat steps 6-8 on this side.
  10. Flip the dollar over to see your finished candy!
Easy Dollar Origami. Make a candy. From The Summit Federal Credit Union.

We hope you enjoy these projects and would love to see what you made! If you’d like, post your dollar origami creations to Instagram or Facebook and tag The Summit Federal Credit Union (@TheSummitFCU) along with #dollarorigami. And don’t forget to follow us!

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Cynthia Kolko, The Summit Federal Credit Union