The IRS will begin the process of distributing the third round of federal stimulus funds, by either paper check or direct deposit, as part of the Economic Impact Payments/COVID-19 relief efforts.


Here are a few tips about these payments:

  1. To see if you are eligible to receive an Economic Impact Payment, please visit the Economic Impact Payment Information Center.
  2. Log into Online Access or your mobile app to see any pending deposits from the IRS. You may see a pending deposit anytime between mid-March and several weeks thereafter.  Please note we cannot release deposits sooner than the IRS allows. If you don’t have an online or mobile account, register today.
  3. The deposit date and amount are determined by the IRS. You can visit the stimulus check tracker and click “Get My Payment” to check the status of your Stimulus Payment.

Prepaid Debit Card

The IRS has begun to send some of the Economic Impact Payments (stimulus payments) on a prepaid debit card (rather than a check or direct deposit).  Many recipients of these prepaid debit cards are unsure of their legitimacy, as they arrive in an unmarked envelope with a return address in Nebraska. Please refer to the News Release at and refer to the “Will people receive a paper check or a debit card?” question.

Those who receive their Economic Impact Payment by prepaid debit card can do the following without any fees**.

  • Make purchases online and at any retail location where Visa is accepted
    • Get cash from in-network ATMs
    • Transfer funds to their personal bank account
    • Check their card balance online, by mobile app or by phone

This free, prepaid card also provides consumer protections available to traditional bank account owners, including protection against fraud, loss and other errors.

Members may present the card for a cash advance through the drive up or call to inquire about how to transfer funds to their Summit account.  Instructions are included with the card to let individuals know how to access the available funds and any further questions should be directed to the card issuer.  The phone number and website are listed on the back of the card. For more information about the debit card, please visit

**While the IRS indicates the card can be used without any fees, there are stipulations and limitations, including fees being assessed by financial institutions such as Surcharge and foreign ATM fees.

 For the most accurate and up-to-date information, visit