Reaching My Summit

Welcome to Reaching My Summit, a new resource designed especially by The Summit Federal Credit Union to help teens, young adults and their parents figure out everything money. And not just boring financial stuff you find on other sites, but real life support based on what’s important to you. Whether your financial goals are big or small, they’re important to you.

We want you to reach your personal summit and your biggest dreams, whether you’re a parent trying to figure out how to talk to your kids about money, a teenager with your first job, or a college student or grad taking the next big step in your financial freedom. Reaching My Summit does just that — we’re here with helpful information, tips and expert advice on how to start managing your financial future today.



How to Open a Checking Account – What You Need to Know

You are about to hit a major life milestone—opening a checking account and taking one of the first big steps toward financial independence and growth. Whether you’re here because you just landed your first job, are heading off to college, or for another important reason, there are a few quick steps to think about as […]

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When and How to Use Your Debit Card : Debit Card 101

Have you ever wondered when you should choose your debit card, credit card, or cash for payment? Do you know what your best option is for various payment situations? This quick guide can help to differentiate between the three and offer suggestions on the best times to use each one. But first…how to use it! […]

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For Teens: 7 Better Money Habits to Start Now

It’s never too early to start building your financial stability and independence—even as a teenager. The earlier you start positive money habits, the better off you will be down the road when you’re getting ready to pay for things like school, a car, travel, a home, and anything else that you see in your future. […]

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Tips As You Join The Workforce

Congrats on landing your first job! Whether it’s a part-time gig or you’re in the early stages of starting a career, this is a major milestone to celebrate and begin to build financial stability and independence. Here are a few helpful financial tips to keep in mind as you begin to work: Pre-Tax Deductions When […]

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How to Teach Your Teen About Finance Management

Parents and guardians play a huge role in teaching teens about money and beginning to build their financial independence. Seemingly small acts can create a big impact on your teen in their financial journey. One simple way to start is to set a good example. Showing your teen what household bills need to be paid, […]

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In-App Purchases: How to be a Smart Consumer

In-app purchases  are becoming more and more common these days. There are plenty of apps where you can find yourself spending money within a couple of quick taps without even thinking about the fact that you’re doing it. We’re highlighting the good, the bad and what you can do to be more aware as a […]

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Start Building Wealth For Your Child With Their First Paycheck

It’s always exciting when your kid starts their first job! Getting that first paycheck can be a little confusing; this article is a great reference for any first time worker, no matter what age. Once they understand their paycheck, the next step is having a checking account so they have a safe place to keep […]

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Financial New Year’s Resolutions

Throughout this year, The Summit Federal Credit Union has been helping teens, young adults and their parents figure out everything about managing their money. These financial pieces have covered what’s important to you–your goals, questions, and ways to start a strong financial future. With a new year upon us, we thought it was time to […]

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Balancing Your Online Checkbook : A Guide for Teens to Track Their Spending

You may have heard your parents talking about balancing their checkbook, and rolled your eyes or LOL’d. We’ll admit, it sounds old school, but sometimes that’s a good thing! Even if you’re not logging all of your purchases in an old-fashioned checkbook, you should still track your spending through a Google Sheet or budgeting app; […]

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How to Prevent Overdrawing Your Account

Your very own overdraft protection One thing to avoid as you begin to be more financially independent is overdrawing your account. Overdrafts happen when you make a purchase that pushes the balance of your checking account negative. This can have a few negative ramifications including not having the funds to cover bills and being charged […]

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