Financial Education Programs

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  • money management

    Money Management Solutions – A Guide to Smart Budgeting

    Full Length session, 1 hour – Money Management 101

    Mini sessions, 30 minutes – Financial Lessons Learned During a Crisis, Spend Less – Do More, Managing Your Finances Made Easy!

  • home mortgage

    Home Sweet Home – The Road to Homeownership

    Full Length session, 1 hour – Welcome Home – The Road to Home Ownership

    Mini sessions, 30 minutes – Should You Refinance Your Mortgage, First Time Home Ownership – Homebuyer Dream Program.

  • debit/credit cards

    Credit Solutions – Navigating the Credit Highway

    Full Length session, 1 hour – Credit 101

    Mini sessions, 30 minutes – Managing Your Credit During a Crisis, Understanding Credit Reports, Understanding Credit Scoring.

  • password protection

    Protecting Yourself Against Fraud and ID Theft

    Full Length sessions, 1 hour – Fraud and Identity Theft – A Growing Epidemic

    Mini sessions, 30 minutes – Tips to Avoid Identity Theft and Empowering Yourself Against Fraud

  • financial education

    Financial Education for Young Adults (Ages 14+)

    Full Length sessions, 1 hour – Money Concepts for Teens, Money Management 101 Teen Edition and Preparing for Financial Independence

    Full Length, In-person Interactive session, 1.5 hours – Mad City Money

  • wealth management

    Wealth Management Solutions

    Full Length sessions, 1 hour* – Investment Basics, Retirement Basics, Estate Planning Basics, Financial Planning Basics, Retirement Income Planning, Understanding Social Security, College Planning and Retirement Savings Challenges for Women.

    *These sessions may be modified to 30 minutes if needed.

  • nodechart

    The Summit Retirement & Investment Services

    The Summit Retirement & Investment Services provides information and education on a variety of insurance and investment products that complement those available at The Summit Federal Credit Union. Learn more about our Retirement and Investment Services.

These presentations and information are available at no cost to you and are provided as an educational and informative service to both our members and member companies. For more information, please call (585) 453-7272 or (800) 836-7328 extension 7272.