Welcome to Reaching My Summit, a new resource designed especially by The Summit Federal Credit Union to help teens, young adults and their parents figure out everything money. And not just boring financial stuff you find on other sites, but real life support based on what’s important to you. Whether your financial goals are big or small, they’re important to you.

We want you to reach your personal summit and your biggest dreams, whether you’re a parent trying to figure out how to talk to your kids about money, a teenager with your first job, or a college student or grad taking the next big step in your financial freedom. Reaching My Summit does just that — we’re here with helpful information, tips and expert advice on how to start managing your financial future today.


The $@Parenting Series: Tracking Your Kids’ Money

Often parents are reluctant to talk to their kids about money–and understandably so! It’s a complex topic and it can be daunting. Where do you even begin? Should you have a joint account with them? How long should you monitor their money for? We’re sharing our best advice for tracking your kids’ money, having those […]

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The $@HighSchool Series: Managing Your Spending Money

When you’re in high school, you have all kinds of new freedoms at your fingertips. You may be working your first job and receiving your very first paycheck, you might have privileges to leave school for lunch, and you or your friends might have cars and be able to go on all kinds of adventures. […]

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The $@College Series: Managing Your Spending Money

Managing your spending money is an important skill to learn as a college student–it’ll continue to be relevant and useful throughout every stage of your life. You’ll see a lot of financial advice out there for how to save money, how to get discounts and deals, and how to invest, but remember, you’re allowed to […]

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Preparing Your Children for Lifelong Financial Independence

Raising kids is hard. Having conversations about money is hard. And teaching financial independence? That’s no easy task, either! But we all want our children to be bold and financially independent in the future. That’s why it’s important to talk about money openly and teach them critical skills and concepts that will give them a […]

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Debit vs. Credit: Know Your Card

As you open for your very first cards, it’s important to know the difference between debit and credit. You’ve probably seen your parents reach for their trusty piece of plastic at Wegmans or Target, but is it a credit or a debit card? Should you have both? When should you use each one? We’ll dive […]

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Convenience vs. Security: Online Shopping Made Easy

Shopping online is the best. Why leave your house when you can purchase anything under the sun with the tap of a few buttons? Between Amazon, Target, Etsy, and shopping right in the Instagram app, almost anything is available, whether we need it or not. As wonderful as it is to have so much available […]

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Common Scams Targeting Young Adults

You may think that boomers are the only ones falling for scams on the internet, but that’s simply not true. There are actually many scams that are targeting young adults online. We all feel comfortable on the internet, but scammers do to so it’s important to remember to be cautious and approach things with a […]

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Buying Your First Car: Tips & Tricks

Buying your first car is a huge deal! We are so excited for you. It can certainly be an intimidating experience, especially the first time around. It’s a big investment and hopefully the car will be part of your life for a good long time. We’ve collected some useful tips to help you navigate this […]

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