Get Instant Account Access via Phone with Quik Tran

Conduct transactions, make payments on your Summit loan, and get important account information anytime, anywhere with our free 24/7 Quik Tran Teller-by-Phone service. Call (585) 453-TRAN or (800) 321-TRAN as often as you like in order to:

  • Transfer money between accounts.1

  • Make Summit loan payments.

  • Check your account balances.

  • Get information on recent deposits and withdrawals, including ATM, Visa® Debit Card and pre-authorized transactions.2

  • Find out if a check has cleared.

  • Check the date and amount of your last payroll deposit.

  • Calculate loan payments.

  • Get details on your last dividend earned.

  • Request check withdrawals.

  • Authorize a line of credit advance.

All you need is your Online Access/Quik Tran Personal Identification Number (PIN) to get started today. Don’t have a PIN? Contact us at (585) 453-7030 or (800) 836-SFCU extension 7030.

Be in the know on the go. Download our handy Quik Tran Pocket Guide!

1 Joint member access is limited to specific shares on which the member is joint.
2 Pre-authorized transactions refer to automated clearing house (ACH) transactions. Point-of-sale (POS) transactions refer to purchases made with Summit ATM or Visa® Debit Card at POS terminals on the NYCE network. Transaction limitations may apply. Consult The Summit’s Electronic Funds Transfer Agreement and Disclosure, and Membership and Account Agreement for details.